How we work

Our creativity feeds on the fascinating complexity of the world: we observe shapes and colors of nature, we study what man has created in the past, we keep an eye on contemporary trends and we imagine the future. We accumulate a wealth of knowledge and inspiration that we can then embody in an offer that satisfies the client's demands.
By combining manual labor with procedures done with precision machines, we cut, plane, assemble, sand, paint and stain our custom furniture by hand, we create carvings, lacquers and waxing, as well as gold, silver and copper leaf finishes. If we are missing the right tool to make a particular embellishment, we invent it; if you need special screws for your high end furniture, we have them custom made. We try to adopt processes involving natural joints (dovetail, mortise and tenon, etc.), and we use vinyl glues only when strictly needed.
To optimize the production of our high end custom furniture, we have applied original technical solutions, such as a suspended ceiling railing, on which the supports for the different elements can slide, so we get a sort of moving "train" that facilitates painting, waxing or laying out metal sheets.
The different departments in our factory develop on a total area of ​​5,000 square meters, arranged in a "U" shape, with independent and self-contained workspaces, large and well-lit rooms to guarantee the well-being of workers: we are convinced that a positive and comfortable environment in the production areas is crucial to achieving satisfactory results.