How a luxury furniture project is born
handmade furniture project
Good work is done methodically, and ours is the result of years of experience in the field. After tests, experiments and, of course, editing, today our luxury furniture projects follow a procedure that allows us to deal with each step as efficiently as possible, leaving space to the unforeseen. From the development of the idea to the after-sale warranty, nothing is left to chance.

The idea and the offer

custom furniture project
Every luxury furniture design by FM Bottega d’Arte comes from the idea of a customer, who comes to us with precise requirements. We analyze it, check its feasibility, evaluate if it can be improved in any way – if necessary, we also meet the architect or design studio to evaluate together both technical solutions and finishes – we edit the existing project or create a new one, and based on the collected data, we present an offer.

Taking measures

tailor-made luxury furniture
Once we start a project, we physically go to the place where our luxury handmade furniture will be located. Whether the environment is in Russia, the United Arab Emirates or the United States, one of us jumps on an airplane and takes measurements, because in order to make our job impeccable we need precision to the last millimeter and we want to do it in person.

The construction

luxury furniture project
With the measurements available, we define the executional project and begin to construct the various components. We do everything in-house, following every step in our complete internal chain, from the board to the finished handmade furniture piece; we assemble and disassemble every item to verify the precision of the individual components before and after painting, and finally we pack them for delivery.

Mounting and service

luxury furniture
If the customer so desires, we can jump back on a plane and head to the other side of the world to fit the furnishing elements, ensuring that every piece goes to the right place and there are no problems.
In any case, our phone and our email inbox are always available: any request, question, curiosity (for example, how to clean or care for a certain wood) will be satisfied with the utmost skill and professionalism: you will never face a problem alone.
Your satisfaction is our satisfaction, and it is the best incentive for us to do more and better