Our service

From suppliers to partners
We believe that an idea is never an end in itself; it starts from an indispensable prerequisite, that is, the satisfaction of those who come to us seeking expert knowledge. The customers have the first and last word in the job, and their requests are our priority.
We work to promptly satisfy your requests and to tailor the job to the specifications needed. If necessary, we can draw complete handmade Italian furniture projects based on the directions, or provide advice on existing projects.
We make fair quotes and we do not modify them once the item is delivered; we are always reachable for questions or clarifications and we try to respond as quickly as possible. We give our customers the utmost transparency, allowing them to visit the factory at any time to check the correct execution of the handmade furniture work; we guarantee to assist both during and after the sale, even after time has passed, to replace any damaged parts.
Those who choose to work with us know they can rely on a comprehensive service, and on their side there is not only a supplier but also a partner in all respects.