What we do

Creation, production, delivery
Here at FM Bottega d’Arte we never forget that first of all we are carpenters: wood is our starting point. The timber we use comes from only the best European forest areas, and is selected to ensure workability and durability. We let it age in the warehouse and we take care of the forced drying of the essences, in order to obtain the highest processing parameters. We breathe it, shape it, assimilate it; we learn to distinguish its personality, its quirks, its preferences. In short, we know it. That is why we are able to implement any high end furniture project you give us.
We embrace our client's idea and make it a reality; we study the world of nature for clues that we then apply and translate into designs and lines, we match technical and aesthetic solutions and verify that they can be done. We follow every step in our complete internal chain, from the board to the finished furniture piece; we assemble and disassemble every item to verify the precision of the individual components before and after painting, and finally we pack them for delivery.
But our job does not end here: once the high end Italian furniture has arrived to destination, we remain at the customer's complete disposal for any necessity, from assembly assistance to repairing or replacing damaged parts.